Want to Rock the Corporate Catwalk? Try the Simple Blazer!


When it comes to dressing for the office there are a set of ‘guided rules’ to be followed in order to ensure professionalism, not only in behavior but also attire.

Traditionally the corporate catwalk is lined with neutral tones of browns, greys, blacks and navy’s, however that’s slowly changing. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the trusted colour scheme should be thrown out the window. If you work in an office environment where uniforms are not mandatory, there are a few simple tips you can follow in order to allow your personality to shine through your attire.

Personally, I am thankful that I get to express myself everyday where I work. My sense of style is somewhat eclectic with a mix of traditional … if that makes sense; and I love incorporating a few trending styles into my office wardrobe.

My go-to staple is the blazer because there’s nothing else that can pull an outfit together. And it adds a flattering appeal to the waistline, ladies – you know that’s something we all strive for. Therefore as a first buy for the newly corporate – or even if you’re a seasoned staff member – I would advise purchasing a blazer. I know it’s cliché, and there are so many cuts and styles you can choose from, but a blazer makes outfit pairing easy. I would also advise on staying within the colour schemes when choosing a blazer as it broadens your options vastly.

Tips on Buying Your First Blazer Measurement Matters

Make sure that the shoulders aren’t too broad or fit snugly and the sleeves are not too long. If they end up being too long, just fold them upwards once. If you purchase in-store you have the easy option to try it on. However; if you are purchasing online measure your sizes before you click that ‘add to cart’ button. Most shopping sites will provide a sizing chart for guidance.

How to Measure

Measure your shoulders’ width from behind, ‘shoulder to shoulder.’ To measure your chest, wrap the tape measure around you but not tightly. For the length of your arms, measure from wrist to shoulder.

Quality Over Quantity – in both price and material

Just because it’s cheap, it could also mean it’s cheaply made. Ensure that your purchase is going to last you a while; years even. When buying in person, check the material and the seams. Does it wrinkle easily? Can you see the thread peeking out at first glance? And if you are buying online, the reviews section is your best friend. Don’t be afraid to splurge on a great piece because it’s versatile and timeless.

Bearing in mind that your aim is to create multiple outfits from one staple item, pick a neutral colour, grey, black, navy or even white or cream as your first buy. Above are a few examples of creating three outfits with a simple white blazer. Which one would you rock?

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