Uriahs Victor – Helping Visitors and Locals Rediscover St. Lucia

It may be hard to believe but sometimes, visitors know more about what’s going on and what to do in St. Lucia than we do ourselves.

The fact that most of us don’t know much about the exciting touristic activities available in St. Lucia is what spurred Uriahs Victor to conceptualise BelleCarib. It is an offshoot of his business, SoaringLeads; a Web Development business which specialises in WordPress Development and Consultancy.

Since its inception— seven months ago, BelleCarib has been offering locals and visitors a pathway to discovering tours, restaurants, lodging, bars and other businesses within the tourism industry in St. Lucia. Uriahs’ realisation of the importance of being able to access such a service was underscored during his visit to Barbados.

“I didn’t really know what to do when I got there and I noticed that there wasn’t a user-friendly way of finding the exciting activities in the country, much less in the Caribbean.”

In addition to that, he saw the opportunity to educate St. Lucians and visitors about fun-filled and affordable staycation ideas. According to Uriahs, business has been doing well, with plans to expand BelleCarib’s features and services.

Check out the BelleCarib website!

Facebook: @bellecarib

Instagram: @belle_carib

Twitter: @bellecarib

Tel.: 1-758- 719-7712


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