The Secret to Prosperity – Don’t Work for Money, Let Money Work for You

Before you decide to become a business owner, ensuring that your financial and success blueprints are compatible with your dreams is of paramount importance.

What did you learn about money during childhood? Have you changed any of those ideas? Who were your models of success?

I recently heard someone say, “Why don’t movie stars take some of their money and just throw it into the crowds! They certainly have enough.”

Those were astounding words! Are you harbouring such nonsensical ideas about money? Such disrespect for the success of others? If you are, it may be time for a reprogramming.

Most of us are familiar with the mantras ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’ and ‘you have to work hard for your money.’ I don’t think that we have to work hard for anything, let alone money. Money should work for you. Even when you are asleep. Working smart and effectively should be the order of the day!

Managing your money and success blueprints go hand in hand with intention. Having a business is about serving, be it a service or product-oriented enterprise. The manner in which you provide a service and your intentions, coupled with your ability to be a good steward of the money you earn determine the outcome you receive.

Create your own vision of what success means to you. We don’t all want the same things. Create your own benchmarks. Success is relative.

In his book ‘Secrets of the Millionaire Mind (Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth),’ Harv Eker asks three questions which are helpful in all areas of life, particularly when it pertains to money and achieving success.

  • What did you hear when you were young?
  • What did you see when you were young?
  • What did you experience when you were young?


Swapping antiquated paradigms for new and productive ones should be at the top of your vision for your venture.

Lisa Nichols, the author of Abundance Now – Amplify Your Life and Achieve Prosperity Today who went from welfare to Wall Street offers this powerful affirmation:

‘My efforts and diligent work today create financial freedom for generations to come. I am able to shift the trajectory of my family’s life through my decisions today.’

How are your blueprints working out for you? Are they facilitating your vision? If yes, keep building! If your answer is no, revisit them!

All the best with reconstructing!


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