The Galaxy Note 4 Superphone – an Amazing Experience!



The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 launched last month is the newest Samsung flagship device on the market, just in time for the Christmas season with many exciting new upgrades.

img_samsunggalaxtnote42The 5.7” Quad Super AMOLED screen on the Note 4 has 4xs resolution of HDTV with tight pixel density to give you stunning clarity and crispness on a display 10 percent brighter than the Note 3. On this new device millions of colours combine with incredible pixel density to make your screen come alive with clearer, brighter and more captivating images than ever before.

Changing from the previous plastic frame, the Note 4 now has a beautifully cut metal frame with a soft textured back cover designed to keep it cool. The device is also thinner and stronger with a 2.5D stronger curved glass display providing great weight balance in hand.

The Note 4 comes with the best camera on the market ensuring great exposure and blur-free memories, sporting a 16MP rear camera with built-in optical image stabilisation guaranteeing that even when you zoom, your pictures stay in focus. The Note 4 also has a 3.7 MP front camera with added 4K resolution video capability. Most exciting is the one-of-a-kind ultra wide 120 degree panoramic selfie option, which allows you to get more friends in your shot compared to the previous 90 degree selfie mode available on most devices. Now you can ensure everyone gets in the picture! The vibrant and warm colour-capture and HDR functions provide memories worth sharing and even printing.

The S Pen Evolution unique to Samsung devices now gives you more power, precision and control than ever. Select and share easily, drag and drop pictures and text using multiple windows and save time to be even more productive. Capturing notes during a class lecture is even easier with ‘snap note’, allowing you to take a photo of notes displayed on the chalk board and turning them into an editable document. Perfect for any school or business lecture!

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 also comes with faster charging capability and lasts longer than many devices on the market. You can get up to a 50 percent charge in only 30 minutes and a 10 percent charge gives you up to 24 hours standby time with the Ultra Power Saving Mode, exclusive to Samsung devices.

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