Tasha’s Tasty Treats

When a love for food is combined with a passion for creativity, you could well imagine the beautiful and tasty possibilities that are likely to  come about.

Tasha Lawrence delivers on every food-fantasy you can imagine.

She owns Tasha’s Tasty Treats, an online food delivery service that provides an increasingly wide variety of dessert treats, including cheesecakes, fruit bouquets, brownies and cookie  bouquets.

Her business was launched in August, 2015. While starting off was tough, Tasha’s determination to constantly improve her products is what kept her going, along with her working knowledge and background in food and nutrition. Food and Nutrition student at St Joseph’s Convent, winner of Junior Duelling Competition 2009 held in Barbados.

In her own words, creativity is key to being successful because clients like to see something special and unique every time!


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