Smart TVs Gaining Popularity Worldwide


Smart TVs are gaining popularity with approximately 67 million sold worldwide in 2012, and that number was expected to hit 87 million in 2013, according to a recent survey by Forbes magazine. .

A Smart TV is sometimes referred to as a connect TV or hybrid TV. It is a trend of integrating the internet and Web features into TV sets and set-top boxes (a device that converts video content to analog or digital TV signals).

Smart TVs have a higher focus on online interactivity, Internet TV, over-the-top content, as well as on-demand streaming media and home networking access, with much less focus on content delivered via the traditional broadcast media and set-top boxes.

img_tvSmart TVs can deliver content such as photos, movies and music from other computers or network-attached storage devices using either a Digital Living Network Alliance/Universal Plug and Play media server or similar service programs like Windows Media Player or Network-attached storage (NAS), or via iTunes.

Smart TVs also provide access to Internet-based services, including traditional broadcast TV channels, catch-up services, video-on-demand (VOD), electronic program guide, games, social networking, and other multimedia applications.

Currently the most popular smart TV brands on the market are LG, Samsung, Phillips, Panasonic Viera, Sony. They are available in different price ranges to suit one’s budget.


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