ROCHAD ‘Kiedel’ SONNY Talented, Ambitious and in Control

A good life is when you smile often, dream big, laugh a lot and realise how blessed you are for what you have.” – Kevin Heart.

He is the host of the mid-morning Vybe on Vybe Radio and co-host of Choice TV’s “Thursdays of Christmas.” A seemingly jovial young man who says he is quite shy, Rochad Sonny, popularly known as ‘Kiedel,’ is a multi-talented young Saint Lucian gifted with musical, acting and videographic talents. Dazzle recently had the pleasure of sitting down with him for a peek inside his world to see what makes him tick.

Dazzle: Describe Kiedel for our readers.

Kiedel: I am an entertainer. My medium for entertaining is acting, music and cinematography.

Dazzle: What is your earliest memory entertaining?

Kiedel: Performing in the play ‘The Merchant of Venice,’ put on in 2008.

Dazzle: What inspired you to get into entertainment?

Kiedel: I wanted to be like the musicians I saw in church, so I invested time learning to play the keyboard. Then seeing Ché Campeche’s movie “Zafé Moun” ignited my desire to act, and my involvement in Youth SPAC (Youth Studying Performing Arts and Culture) allowed me to perform in numerous plays.

As I matured I also developed an interest in doing videos. To do this, I started a comedy group called ‘Radio Out and Bad.’ Thanks to Facebook I developed a following by sharing my videos of various local and international celebrities, parodies and musical covers. To ensure I captured all aspects of my work, I amalgamated my comedy and musical efforts to form Evolution Entertainment.


Dazzle: What sets you apart from the rest?

Kiedel: I distinguish myself by being exceptional and not just ‘ok’ at my craft. I am self-sufficient. If someone asks for a cinematographer/actor/musician and my name is not mentioned, then I am not doing enough.


Dazzle: Who is your biggest supporter?

Kiedel: My father, Kieran Sonny. He is my G, he has my back. He supported any endeavour I had without question. He bought me my first keyboard and camera.


Dazzle: Why is entertaining important to you?

Kiedel: People listen to entertainers. I can share a serious message in a parody and people receive it faster than the normal approach.


Dazzle: Who are some of the other artistes you have worked with?

Kiedel: As Evolution Films I’ve worked on music videos for Michael Robinson, Arthur Allain, Kayo, Teddyson John and Kardinal Offishall. My biggest work to date was on the official video for Nagato, which featured Kardinal and Kayo.


Dazzle: How did you get on radio?

Kiedel: I was intrigued when I heard Pringles (Quincy Griffith) on air. He promised to hire me when he started his station. This materialised when Pringles and Elijah William invited me to join them at Vybe Radio. I can be heard on the Mid-Morning Vybe daily.


Dazzle: What are your career goals?

Kiedel: I want to be a professional YouTuber. Yes, it’s a real job. YouTube can allow me to be more creative and not limit my abilities. I want to be able to create and share with no restrictions. Social media is a powerful tool and I want to be able to make a living from my cell phone and the internet. A feature film is in my future.


Dazzle: Have any of your projects become a reality on YouTube?

Kiedel: Nothing yet, I want the quality of my videos to be of a certain standard before I start. Momentarily, I am focusing on solidifying my Facebook and Instagram presence to increase my followers.


Dazzle: Who inspires you?

Kiedel: My always-supportive father. I like Kevin Heart who is a product of social media and his work ethic. My favourite person is Casey Neistat, a vlogger/ YouTuber. He’s considered the world’s best vlogger. His statement “Do More” motivates me.


Dazzle: What words of encouragement do you have for aspiring entertainers?

Kiedel: Always be prepared and work at bettering your best every day.


Dazzle: Daily message to your listeners?

Kiedel: Despite your situation, you are in control of

your attitude which influences the outcome.


Dazzle: Tell us about your TV work?

Kiedel: I met Oneka McKoy and Shane Cherry years ago at a Mr. and Miss LHCSS Show, following which they invited me to work with CHOICE and “Thursdays of Christmas” came about. I would love to continue with radio and TV together. I believe that it was divine intervention for me to be on both.


Dazzle: What’s next for RKS?

Kiedel: A stand-up comedy show with Michael Robinson in 2018; more comedy videos and sketches.


Kiedel epitomizes the importance of working hard at developing your talents so that they bear fruit. As this promising young entertainer pursues excellence, we at Dazzle will continue to cheer him on from the sidelines.

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