Pull Back and Take Aim at Your Dreams

An arrow can only be released by first pulling   it back. When life pulls you back, it simply means that you’re launching into  something amazing.” – Author Unknown.

Sometimes we have to follow the way of the arrow; pull back and actively rest in order to get to the next level.

Pull Back

First, assess the situation. What’s working? What’s not? How can you do better? How can you do more, and faster? Assess honestly. You may need your mentor to help you with this.

Actively Rest

You have to disrupt your old patterns. Equate this with a day at the beach. It’s a relaxing activity. You swim, you nap, you read.

Revisit your ideas, look for opportunities, raise capital.

Relaunch and Stretch

When it is time to try again, you will know. Trust yourself. Engage your comeback power and relaunch. Stretch!

“The stretch is the distance between your comfort zone and your dream. It is on the other side of normal and is required to fulfill your destiny.”Teneshia Jackson Warner (The Dream Project)

Get ready! You are about to Stretch!

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