Kadeen Servin – redefining the Unique Art of Pastry Making

Doughnuts, cinnamon rolls, rice krispies treats, chocolate-covered oreos and cake pops. This, pastry lovers, is a small taste of what’s in store for you with All You Knead. Meet

Kadeen Servin, the proud owner of ‘All You Knead’ pastry shop. The business is fast becoming the go- to place for some of the most creative and mouth- watering pastry delicacies in Saint Lucia.

They specialise in personally customised cakes and pastries, although occasionally catering to weddings and baby showers. While pastry-making wasn’t her original intention, she soon realised that her skill would be put to use best when being creative with cake designs.

Kadeen holds a culinary degree and a BSc in food service management, alongside a French Certification. After amassing her knowledge in these fields, she set- up shop right here in St. Lucia.

Since then business has been amazing! “I can’t complain. At one time we produced one cake every day. Now we produce sometimes eight cakes a day, We feel really blessed.”

“The number one compliment we get is that anything our customers want we’re willing to do it…Many of my clients say make it happen and we do just that. That’s what sets us apart. We don’t stick to tradition. I think what clients are impressed with is that we keep things professional.”


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