How to Wear Fishnet Stockings at the Office and Still Look Professional


You’ve seen them I’m sure; young ladies on their way to work in their miniskirts and fishnets with open-toe rubber flats. This type of attire makes one look unprofessional.  St. Lucians have created a reputation for themselves of being a people who adopt styles and  attempt to modify them as best as they can to express some sense of individuality and uniqueness.  This, at times, is done to a fault, as is the case with young women wearing fishnets to the office.  Don’t misunderstand me, we get it! You’re tired of the same ol’ nylons.  Fishnets are not banned from the office, but they have to be done right.

The wrong way to wear fishnets to work is to wear the wrong fishnets. Your wide-holed, slice-your-thigh fishnets should be worn to the club, be it strip club or dance club, but not to your place of work.  You should also refrain from wearing fishnets that are heavily designed with flower patterns, “diamonds” and rips.

Generally, fishnets give the impression that the wearer is daring, sexy and seductive, qualities that a young professional ought not to make part of the list of adjectives used to describe her in an office setting or business establishment. Your hosiery (fancy word for stockings) should never detract attention from your professional endeavours. As a professional, you want to ensure that you attract the right kind of attention that will earn you the respect you deserve for your hard work. Women in the workplace face enough challenges as it is.

So just how should a professional wear her fishnets?   Here are a few pointers which should help address this dilemma:

  • Choose the right mesh; the smaller the holes the better.  From a distance, someone should not be
  • able to tell that you are in fact wearing fishnets. This prevents you from showing off your legs in a
  • seductive, sultry manner.
  • Design? Keep them design free. The net pattern is design enough!
  • The colour of your fishnets is also an important factor to consider. Let’s keep in mind that fishnets
  • are NOT traditional office attire and it is still growing on some superiors. “Bad” enough you’re
  • wearing fishnets, worse if you’re walking around in some sky-blue, fiery red or lemon-green fishnets!
  • Tone it down. Black, charcoal, brown and skin tones are your best picks.
  • Wear your fishnets (the tight mesh, subtlecoloured ones. Remember?) with closed-toe shoes.
  • Toes that look ‘caught’ are not cute.
  • If you’re wearing a skirt with your fishnets, it should reach no more than half of an inch above
  • your knee. Remember, you are at work, not the club. Many still view fishnets as hosiery for
  • night-time frolic. Pairing them with a miniskirt would definitely send the wrong signal. As stated earlier, fishnets are not traditionally considered professional attire. However, neither was
  • wearing such bold colours as turquoise and emerald green. Yet both, if done correctly, can draw attention to your hard work and professionalism, especially if complemented by proper articulation and poise.

Respect yourself, respect your place of work, and respect your co-workers. Keep it classy!


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