How to Use Instagram to Boost Your Brand and Drive Sales


Social media has become one of the most powerful communication platforms, popular with both everyday people and many of the great leaders of our time.

But what about the entrepreneur trying to launch or grow their business? With over 20 popular social media sites available to users, trying to choose the right one to launch your digital marketing campaign could seem a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, we can provide you with some insight into what is perhaps the most effective of these sites – Instagram – and how you can use it to your advantage.

Hosting over 500 million active users scrolling through countless feeds, no matter what kind of goods or service your business offers, you can find your target audience on Instagram. The following tips should get you off to a good start.

First off, it is imperative that your customers or clients feel connected to the individuals behind your company logo. This does not mean that you should make every post a selfie of you in the office. It simply means that using your account to interact with your followers gives them a more realistic way to relate to you and your company. It goes without saying that you should also consider using the comment section to find out what your customers want and what they like. Think of it as an instant survey. Building a relationship with your followers causes a domino effect on your marketing as well. When you treat your customers with care and courtesy, they are more likely to do your marketing for you by recommending your excellent service or product to a friend. Remember, when you receive ‘likes’ from your followers it’s an indication of their appreciation, so pay attention to them, they speak for your fan base.

Furthermore, make your customers feel like they are part of the business; not by letting them crunch your numbers but by requesting that they post photos of themselves using your product or service on social media.

No doubt you’ve heard about ‘hashtags’. Keep in mind that they are especially useful. Take the initiative of creating a catchy, relevant hashtag so your followers can use it in their posts. This too can help build an authentic relationship between you and your followers.

instagram2Call to Action! This is where you test the strength of your following. Leaving a link to your company’s main website in the caption of your post is a great way to let your followers know more about your business and its products. This method of sharing also accommodates people who are not currently using Instagram. It’s a great way of drawing in a diverse crowd.

But wait, before you go on leaving tons of links for your followers, be mindful that your business’ Instagram account should be sufficiently informative to give users a clear idea of your products or services. Links should provide a gateway for people  seeking more information about your business. Keep the links to a minimum and circulate them every few posts.

Speaking of posts, consistency is key in growing an appreciative following. The trick is to post often enough so that your followers know that you are active and concerned about your connection with them. On the other hand, too many posts can have a reverse effect. Besides, if each post is carefully curated there shouldn’t be too many of them filling everyone’s timeline in the first place.

On another note, Instagram is a great place to attract and promote your sponsors but first, you will need to seek them out. Don’t be afraid to do so, especially when starting off. Remaining complacent and waiting for sponsors to come to you will leave you with very little to show. Follow up on your efforts by reciprocating; promote your sponsors in some of your posts. By this gesture you show your appreciation and you’re letting your followers know that you are grateful for the support that you receive.

While Instagram has a very large membership, you would be doing yourself and your company a disservice by not taking advantage of the site’s sharing features. Instagram’s ecosystem is not isolated. What this means for you is that you can pool an even larger following by sharing your posts to Facebook and Twitter, among other social media.

Being an entrepreneur means understanding that success is not instant, not even digitally. Bearing this in mind, be patient in executing your social media campaigns and strategies. Eventually, you will get results and be rewarded for your efforts.

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