Heineken presents Heineken Light: The journey starts here

Heineken is well known for its association with St. Lucia’s renowned music festival; St. Lucia Jazz. Throughout the past decades,

Heineken has supported several cultural initiatives in St Lucia, and 2017 is no different! Heineken was a proud Gold Sponsor of the St. Lucia Jazz Festival, the first of many exciting events for SOLEIL Saint Lucia Summer Festival 2017.

Heineken has surprised its consumers by presenting Heineken Light – a new, refreshing, low calorie and low bitterness option. Heineken Light has less than 65 Calories per serving in each 25cl bottle. Heineken Light was judged “the best tasting low calorie light lager” at the 2013/2014 World Beer Championships, and it has been winning the hearts and minds of its patrons ever since.

It is the first time that Heineken has decided to launch an authentic Brand Extension in St. Lucia, which was presented during the week of St. Lucia Jazz Festival. It has been available islandwide since Monday May 15th.

“With the launch of Heineken Light, the brand wants to offer a new option to the consumers who are looking for a low calorie option without giving up on the great Heineken taste” says Roberto Profera, Brand Manager Global Brands for WLBL.

Heineken Light is the perfect refreshing drink for after work limes on weekdays, and keeping cool on a hot weekend with friends.

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