Grooming Plus Barber Salon: Classic Barbering with a Modern Twist

For most of us, a barbershop is a place to freshen up for a business meeting or for the new school year, or just to enjoy the social setting that often comes with most   barbershops.

However, since its establishment in April 16, 2016, Grooming Plus Barber Salon has consistently offered more than just the typical barber services of a haircut, a hairline ‘mark’ and shave, and eyebrow shaping for the ladies.

Even before he opened for business, founder and owner, Gerard Townsend had envisioned a barber salon that would be a haven of comfort, relaxation and pleasure – a place where his clients could kick up their heels, sit back and enjoy the professionalism of his service. The amount of effort, care and attention he puts into every aspect of the business is clearly intentinal and proves that Gerard is determined to make Grooming Plus Barber Salon a cut above the rest. 

As with all successful businesses, it takes teamwork to make the dream work. Gerard realised he couldn’t do it all by himself but fortunately for him he was able to team up with Dwight “Jojo” Joseph who, in his words, is extremely talented and passionate about his career as a barber. Even after assembling a larger team to help manage the daily operations of the business, Gerard and ‘Jojo’ refused to become complacent, as evidenced by their determination to stay up to date and on top of their game with the latest trends in barbering.

Grooming Plus is located in Suite 8 of the Evergreen Plaza at Rodney Heights, with parking available round- the-clock in a safe and secure environment. Doors open from 8:00 am Monday to Sunday. They offer an array of services, including waxing, manicures and pedicures, gel nails, braiding and weaving, natural hair styling, bleaching and colouring, haircuts with a hot towel treatment and much more. Payments are made at the receptionist’s desk, either in cash, VISA Debit/Credit card or MasterCard. Wi-Fi service is also available. Feel free to ask for the WiFi password when you get there! Clients can walk in or call to schedule an appointment.

Before you make your way to any one of the four barber chairs, you’re sure to notice a snack rack and a full-sized refrigerator packed with a variety of drinks, both of which are conveniently located next to the waiting section.

After you’ve gotten yourself something to munch on, you have the entertainment options, and there are quite a few, any of which is sure to keep you occupied while you wait. For starters, there are two wall-mounted HD monitors. One is hooked up to a PlayStation 3 console for customers who double up as gamers, while the other is either tuned in to the latest international news or live sports broadcasts, including some of the most hotly anticipated matches and tournaments. And if you’re in the mood to share, you can stream content from your own mobile device to one of the monitors via a connected Chromecast.

Venture further into the barber salon and you’ll find a coffee table packed with the latest reading material (including Dazzle Magazine!) for those who love to read. From this seating section you will notice an entrance leading to another room. This is the spot dedicated to the salon’s natural hair stylist and the technician.

For clients pressed for time, appointments can be made over the phone (tel. 458-0825) with any one of the four barbers. This will cost an extra EC$5. If waiting is not an option, you’ll find that it’s more than worth it.

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