Dreams Come True at Arlana Arthur Makeup Artist

Checking the mirror before leaving the house is something that we all do. This is an indication that we’re becoming more in-tuned with our appearance. It goes without saying   that we all want to look great, all the time. This is what spurred Arlana Arthur to start up her own makeup artistry service.

‘Arlana Arthur Makeup Artistry’ makes every dream- look come true, whether it be for that extra-special birthday party, a re-creation of that magnificent wedding, an adorable photo shoot with a few friends, special effects makeup for that zombie apocalypse movie, even carnival makeup.

In fact, it was during the local carnival season of 2015 that Arlana took up makeup artistry, which she had previously been doing as a hobby. She began devising her own makeup and promoting her work online. Now she gets calls on a regular basis from clients eager to have their looks improved by her elegant touch. Afterwards, Arlana is always happy to see the stunned look on her clients’ faces when they see the remarkable transformation, and the huge boost of confidence it gives them.

“From the start, I didn’t want my service to be a strictly makeup artistry service. I wanted it to be an experience … one where I can connect with my clients,” says Arlana.

She has definitely succeeded, and what an experience it is proving to be for her grateful clientele!

Check out Arlana and her work on Instagram/Facebook:   @arlanaarthurmakeup


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