Dazzle Magazine Issue 12

By Rankin Morgan

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Dazzle Magazine, Issue 12, is here! Thank you for picking up what I’m sure you’ll find to be a fascinating, very informative and diverse issue.

Recently, I was approached by two enthusiastic young men, namely Yanoi Fevrier and Nyus Alfred from Vieux-Fort, who told me they always look forward to every single issue of Dazzle. They found the magazine to be very inspiring, and they said they could relate to the issues discussed in the articles and the life experiences of the personalities who are featured. Surprisingly, they said they had once planned to start a sports magazine but were not motivated to do so until they picked up their first issue of Dazzle. We kept in touch for the next few months, sharing ideas, including collaborating on a sports section for Dazzle Magazine. These two young men exhibited great enthusiasm and they were extremely passionate about sports journalism.

Soon we began working together and conducted their first photo shoot, which was challenging. However, in true Dazzle fashion we pressed on, undaunted, and overcame every obstacle. I advised them on the writing style that would suit the magazine and gave them a crash course in social media management. Now I can proudly say that they are the ones responsible for our ever-growing sports section. It’s good to see that Dazzle Magazine can help turn dreams into reality.

As Dazzle continues to grow, we hope it will continue to inspire other individuals, at home and abroad, to pursue their passions, whatever those passions may be — the arts, sports, music – don’t give up on your dreams. We will continue to showcase the sons and daughters of the soil who are reaching for the stars and trying to make a difference, and encourage them to soldier on, no matter what their venture may be.

With that said, I wish you happy reading and hope you enjoy another great issue of Dazzle Magazine.

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