Coca-Cola – “One Brand” Marketing Strategy

In recent years, Coca Cola has been a favourite, but as the years go by, preferences change and so should Coca Cola. Windward and Leeward Brewery Ltd introduced ‘One Brand’ strategy recently. ‘One Brand’ strategy takes the famous Coca Cola Original, and now introduces other products. Coca Cola NO Sugar has the same taste as Coca Cola Original, with the exceptions of sugar and calories. Coca-Cola Light Taste also has no sugar and calories, but the taste differs from the NO Sugar and Original Coca-Cola; a lighter, more unique flavour.

Recently, Coca-Cola held a public presentation at Coco Palm Resorts. Upon entry, guests were given a complimentary glass of Coca-Cola and while performances went on, Coca-Cola cocktails were  served; a positively exquisite taste. Brand Manager Sharlene JnBaptiste, informed us about the direction in which the brand was heading.

According to Ms. Jn Baptiste, ‘One Brand’ strategy is designed to focus on the unique and singular aspects of Coco-Cola. It also focuses on giving consumers a choice. The new products; Coca-Cola NO Sugar and Light Taste provide consumers with an easier decision-making opportunity. They can have one without the other. To put it in a simpler way, the reason for the ‘One Brand’ strategy is to provide further clarity for consumers on what Coca-Cola has to offer.

This new development transitions with the new tagline – “Taste the Feeling”, a different perspective from their previous, “Open Happiness.” The new tagline, however, in no way means that the brand is moving from a place of supporting happiness. Sharlene JnBaptiste clarified that they simply no longer wished to portray happiness as something that was needed for Coca-Cola. As stated by Sharlene JnBaptiste, Windward and Leeward Brewery Ltd and Coco-Cola, brand and company alike, are focusing on providing their customers the privilege of making their choice-sugar or no sugar- because many persons now prefer drinks without added sugar. To give consumers added control over what they drink, Coca-Cola also provides different pack sizes. Now, apart from their choice to drink sugar or not, consumers have a say in what size Coca-Cola they prefer, even for the new products; NO Sugar and Light Taste.

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