Dazzle Magazine Issue 23

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I can’t believe that 2017 has come to an end. As we welcome 2018, Dazzle Magazine will continue to encourage young entrepreneurs and small businesses to strive for success. Never give up. If you have a great idea believe in it, believe in yourself. Put in the required effort and commitment and remain humble.

Many successful entrepreneurs have worked extremely hard to get where they are today. Their achievements did not come overnight; therefore one cannot assume that their entrepreneurial journey was easy. They face many obstacles that could hinder their progress. Finance is one of the major hurdles they have to overcome. All too often lack of access to funding and the resultant inability to properly manage their cash flow can be very frustrating.

Entrepreneurs need to be resilient in order to cope with such obstacle and still remain determined to achieve their goals.

This issue features young entrepreneurs who have been resilient and have kept going, over the years. They’ve been focused, on keeping their eye on the grand prize despite the overwhelming challenges they encounter along the way. They are a living testament to the truism that hard work eventually pays off.

With that said, I hope issue 23 captivates and delights you! On behalf of Dazzle Magazine, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

Dazzle Magazine Issue 22

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Five years ago I had an idea to start a magazine and its vision was to feature young entrepreneurs and professionals. The aim was to create a medium to showcase their accomplishments and the levels of commitment it required in order for them to achieve their dreams.

I wasn’t too sure how to begin this new venture, as being entrepreneurial was new to me. I’ve always been a career-driven individual, however, and because of my determination to make my ideas work I slowly transformed into an entrepreneur.

Five years down the line and twenty-two issues later, Dazzle Magazine is still going strong and there are no signs of us slowing down. I would like to congratulate the individuals who we’ve featured over the years, as they’ve made the magazine spectacular with their inspiring stories. We’ve even taken the story telling to video via Dazzle Hangout on YouTube.

I personally would like to thank the readers for all their support and also all the companies that have made a valuable contribution to the development of Dazzle Magazine.

As Dazzle turns five, we promise to continue delivering fresh and exciting content, and we also look forward to introducing lots of fantastic products from the Dazzle brand to our readers.

With that said, I wish you happy reading and hope you enjoy Issue 22.

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Dazzle Magazine Issue 21

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Thank you for picking up another amazing issue of Dazzle Magazine. We are always elated to feature young and aspiring entrepreneurs who contribute to the development of Saint Lucia’s economy.

Being an entrepreneur definitely has its challenges. The main objective for anyone in business is to make a profit. However, in order to do so entrepreneurs need to focus on business development, networking, maintaining business relationships and they must also have the ability to manage cash flow. This balancing act can be difficult but with persistence and perseverance, it is achievable.

In this issue we feature five amazing entrepreneurs who are determined to master their craft and succeed. They have been able to develop their business despite having limited resources, and they have now been able to expand their services, both locally and regionally. The up-and-coming businesses in FreshBiz will also interest you as they too are determined to succeed and are not afraid to take risks.

I hope Issue 21 captivates you and I wish you a pleasant read.

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Dazzle Magazine Issue 20

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I can’t believe we are now publishing issue 20. The journey thus far has been challenging yet satisfying. We’ve observed an increase in start-up businesses over the past two years and we’re very happy to see that many  individuals  are  taking  entrepreneurship seriously.

These businesses are very unique and innovative. We all saw examples of those successes at the Saint Lucia Business Awards 2017. Green Haven Fresh Farm, founded by Jameson Alphonse, captured three awards; the Prime Minister’s Award for Innovation, the Idea of the Year Award and the Green Award. Algas Organics, founded by Johanan Dujon, won the Young Entrepreneur Award.

In this issue, we have introduced a new section called Fresh Biz wherein we highlight start-up businesses. Dazzle Magazine recognises how much hard work, dedication and courage it requires to start a new business, especially in the current challenging economic climate, so we felt impelled to devote a section of our publication to showcasing those up- and-coming entrepreneurs.

We have also teamed up with The Wave radio station to interview the individuals we’ve featured in the current and past issues. These interviews are video recorded and can be viewed on Dazzle Magazine’s mobile app which is available for both Android and IOS devices, and on our social media platforms.

As usual, I’m very elated to present issue 20 and the new products Dazzle Magazine have introduced. Once again, this issue features entrepreneurs who were kind enough to share the inspiring journeys with us.

Dazzle Magazine Issue 19

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During the past month I attended a few ‘Global Entrepreneurship Week’ events and I was elated to witness young entrepreneurs coming out in numbers to network. These new businessmen and women were eager to share their experiences with each other and gain knowledge from well-established entrepreneurs and other experienced individuals in their respective fields. They confidently expressed themselves and were not afraid to speak their minds and share their ideas or offer suggestions.

These young business people and startup creators know what it takes to become successful and they understand that success does not come overnight. One individual said she is currently embarking on her third business venture and that she had learnt so much from her past failures, she can guarantee that they will not be repeated. This time around her business has become stronger than ever and for her it feels like her brand has been rejuvenated. Continue reading

Dazzle Magazine Issue 18

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Passion can be defined as an intense desire or enthusiasm for something. Over the past few years, Dazzle Magazine has featured numerous individuals who all have one thing in common. They are passionate about their business ideas and career paths, and they are determined to succeed.

This perseverance is one of the defining characteristics of the entrepreneurial spirit and the key to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Confidence is another characteristic that I would like to touch on as I do think it plays a vital role in determining how effective you are going to be in getting your products or service to market.

I believe that confidence and passion go hand in hand. As much as you may be passionate about your business idea, you must believe that it will work. You need to have confidence and the ability to sell your product or service properly and effectively in order to persuade potential customers or investors to buy into it.

Persuading individuals to purchase your product/service is not only vital, it is definitely one of the major avenues to opening up your initial revenue stream, and will quite likely remain one of the key ways of growing and strengthening your business. Therefore, it should not be taken for granted. This, in a nutshell, is how you convert your passion and confidence into cash.

Remember, success doesn’t come overnight. It may take a few sleepless nights to achieve your goal but despite that, continue to persevere and be guided by your passion. Let it drive you forward.

In issue 18 we put the spotlight on three passionate individuals who are not prepared to give up on their dream. They are extremely enthusiastic about their business ventures and their chosen career path and they show no signs of slowing down. I hope their inspiring stories captivate you as we continue to showcase Saint Lucia’s dedicated young entrepreneurs and professionals.

Dazzle Magazine Issue 17

Success does not come overnight. It takes hard work, discipline, education, dedication and experience to achieve your goal over a period of time. Any great business idea needs to be developed   and nurtured to become successful. In order to ensure a business succeeds, business owners or managers need to pay close attention to their operations and they must be able to deliver a quality product or service consistently.

Dazzle Magazine encourages young entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners to continue working at developing your business and never give up, even when times may seem difficult. Do your utmost to produce a quality product and top-class service in order to satisfy your customers. More importantly, keep working at it continuously.

In this issue, Dazzle Magazine features four young passionate individuals from various backgrounds who took the plunge by starting their own businesses. Their unique stories are a testament to what many others like them have demonstrated – entrepreneurial success is possible.

Please feel free to recommend any young entrepreneur who you think should be featured in Dazzle Magazine. You can contact us online at or on Facebook via With that said, I wish you happy reading.

Dazzle Magazine Issue 16

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Happy New Year dear readers and welcome to Dazzle Magazine’s first issue for 2016.

As we embark on a new year, I would first like to congratulate the entrepreneurs who were featured in past issues, particularly the three 2016 Saint Lucia Business Award winners, Taribba do Nascimento who captured the Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Dale Elliot, winner of the Prime Ministers Award for Innovation and Mandisa Morrison, recipient of the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

We at Dazzle Magazine are very proud of our achievements and thrilled to have been part of their entrepreneurial and award-winning journey. Like all the other young business people we have featured over the years, the three awards winners are an inspiration to aspiring young entrepreneurs and a testament to the eternal truth that hard work does pay off. Continue reading

Dazzle Magazine Issue 15

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We often hear or read about how entrepreneurship can help to boost the development of Saint Lucia’s economy. The significance of this statement  is  borne  out  by  the  reality that current statistics show that the island currently has an overall unemployment rate of 25% and a youth unemployment rate above 40%. Many people have lost their jobs over the past two years, and quite a number of them have turned to self-employment and entrepreneurship to   survive.

As you are aware, Dazzle Magazine has been a strong promoter of entrepreneurship, and we will continue steadfastly to inspire the nation, especially the youths, to consider starting their own businesses. Continue reading

Dazzle Magazine Issue 14

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During the last week of September, I travelled to Barbados together with two young Saint Lucian entrepreneurs, namely Mandisa Morrison, managing director of Shoe Rehab, and Monetta Wislon, the managing director of Sayana Yoga.

We embarked on this journey on behalf of the Saint Lucia Youth Business Trust accompanied by Titus Preville, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Labour, Chris Husbands and Agnella Joseph, the chairman and the program coordinator of Junior Achievement Saint Lucia respectively.

It was definitely an inspiring experience. I was able to meet and network with other regional entrepreneurs who market different products and services but share a similar drive and passion for entrepreneurship.

I also had the opportunity to share my entrepreneurial experience with the audience at the summit. I emphasized that doing business is not as easy as it may seem and one needs to be focused and dedicated in order for their business to survive. Continue reading

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