Shamar Marcus – Skycrew Aerial Photography and Video Production and Caribvybe

Capturing a moment, whether in still life or in video is currently part of our everyday life. Photography and videography have become habitual or second nature to us. There’s a certain art and skill in photography that goes just beyond picking up a camera and snapping a picture, and few people acquire it.

Working a regular eight-hour job, Shamar Marcus has found his passion outside of his day job. For Shamar, founder of Skycrew Aerial Photography and Video Production, his passion focuses on drone photography. The idea, as stated by Shamar, came about when he received his first drone as a gift and decided to put it to productive use. Shamar stated that his idea was initially a business maneuver but as time went by, he found a passion for his work. Continue reading

Kadeen Servin – redefining the Unique Art of Pastry Making

Doughnuts, cinnamon rolls, rice krispies treats, chocolate-covered oreos and cake pops. This, pastry lovers, is a small taste of what’s in store for you with All You Knead. Meet

Kadeen Servin, the proud owner of ‘All You Knead’ pastry shop. The business is fast becoming the go- to place for some of the most creative and mouth- watering pastry delicacies in Saint Lucia.

They specialise in personally customised cakes and pastries, although occasionally catering to weddings and baby showers. While pastry-making wasn’t her original intention, she soon realised that her skill would be put to use best when being creative with cake designs. Continue reading

Uriahs Victor – Helping Visitors and Locals Rediscover St. Lucia

It may be hard to believe but sometimes, visitors know more about what’s going on and what to do in St. Lucia than we do ourselves.

The fact that most of us don’t know much about the exciting touristic activities available in St. Lucia is what spurred Uriahs Victor to conceptualise BelleCarib. It is an offshoot of his business, SoaringLeads; a Web Development business which specialises in WordPress Development and Consultancy. Continue reading

Tasha’s Tasty Treats

When a love for food is combined with a passion for creativity, you could well imagine the beautiful and tasty possibilities that are likely to  come about.

Tasha Lawrence delivers on every food-fantasy you can imagine.

She owns Tasha’s Tasty Treats, an online food delivery service that provides an increasingly wide variety of dessert treats, including cheesecakes, fruit bouquets, brownies and cookie  bouquets.

Her business was launched in August, 2015. While starting off was tough, Tasha’s determination to constantly improve her products is what kept her going, along with her working knowledge and background in food and nutrition. Food and Nutrition student at St Joseph’s Convent, winner of Junior Duelling Competition 2009 held in Barbados.

In her own words, creativity is key to being successful because clients like to see something special and unique every time!

Dreams Come True at Arlana Arthur Makeup Artist

Checking the mirror before leaving the house is something that we all do. This is an indication that we’re becoming more in-tuned with our appearance. It goes without saying   that we all want to look great, all the time. This is what spurred Arlana Arthur to start up her own makeup artistry service.

‘Arlana Arthur Makeup Artistry’ makes every dream- look come true, whether it be for that extra-special birthday party, a re-creation of that magnificent wedding, an adorable photo shoot with a few friends, special effects makeup for that zombie apocalypse movie, even carnival makeup. Continue reading

House of Balloons 758 – Making Memories That Will Last A Lifetime

Who doesn’t love to celebrate? An 18th birthday party, the wedding of two soul mates, even a college graduation are all equally worthy of being etched in our memories. Apart from the joy and togetherness, one thing that all of the events above have in common is that they all require balloons. Balloons are so simple yet essential to a great party or celebratory gathering.

‘House of Balloons 758’ is where it’s all at. Located on Instagram and Facebook @HouseofBalloons758, the online delivery-based service has “bloomed and blossomed very quickly” according to one of the founding members, Aljay Scott. Together with his business partner, Kandice Delice, they founded their business in July 2016. Since then, orders have been rolling in rapidly, even as far as California!

Perhaps the most popular birthday accessories nowadays are giant number balloons. Alongside these, House of Balloons offers birthday sashes and badges, candles, rose petals, helium balloon filling, balloon arches and many more decor-related products that are sure to add flare to your event.

Experiencing these moments for yourself is only half of the bigger picture. House of Balloons offers discounted quality photography for the duration of any event, upon request.

  • Instagram: houseofballoons758
  • Facebook: house of balloons 758/@balloons758
  • Contact Numbers 726-7272/728-2898

Welcome to Mandiana’s Edenic Garden of Vegan

A healthy lifestyle is something that many people strive to maintain. However, we seem to hear more people talking about it rather than trying to achieve it. During such conversations, it’s hard to avoid the topic of exercise, and dieting in particular. Arguably, ‘a vegan diet’ is becoming an increasingly popular catch phrase and it goes hand-in-hand with healthy living.

For this reason Mandiana Auguste decided in October (2016) to offer a healthy alternative to the typical fare that is served here in St. Lucia, at her new business appropriately named ‘Garden of Vegan.’

Garden of Vegan is an all-vegan food delivery service. Weekly menus are published on Sundays on their Facebook page and Instagram account, @ gardenofveganslu. Customers can place their orders through social media or over the phone (285-7777) and their meals are delivered to their workplace between the hours of 10:30 a.m and 1:30 p.m. Presently, deliveries are made to locations in between Castries and Gros Islet.

Being a meticulous person by nature, Mandiana initially encountered some challenges in her efforts to establish high professional standards for her business, and she continues to remain faithful to her cause. To Mandiana, Garden of Vegan is not just about delivering food, it is about providing her customers with an exciting and delectable alternative and a truly healthy meal that they can enjoy every day of the week.

  • Instagram and Facebook: @gardenofveganslu
  • Contact Number 285-7777

Never Give Up Clothing: Fashion with a Positive Message

Clothes are, no doubt, a necessity that we all cherish. Most of us have that ‘favourite tee shirt’ or that pair of pants that bring back countless memories. Some of us even dare to create our own clothing, in an attempt to add our spin or flare to this common necessity.

Marshall Celestine, founder of ‘Never Give Up Clothing’ is grounded in his belief that clothing can go beyond being an everyday essential, to empowering and motivating people to be confident and enjoy life.

Born and raised in Vieux Fort, Marshall attended C.A.R.E. (Centre for Adolescent Renewal and Education) until he migrated to Toronto, Canada when he was 16. During his seven-year tenure at school (while earning his diploma in tourism and travel) his professor at the time made a simple gesture of giving him a piece of paper. This small gesture was the first thread that would weave together the dream that is now NGU Clothing. As you might’ve imagined, written on the paper were the words ‘Never Give Up.’ After a half-decade of perseverance, the official launch and very first fashion show for NGU Clothing took place on June 18, 2016 in Ottawa.

“Everyone has a story…”- so says Marshall Celestine

Marshall believes that everyone can relate to the positive message that his clothes embody. His goal is to tap into everyone’s ‘story’ and inspire them to push on despite the challenges they may encounter in life.

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