Taribba Joan – même bete… bags


carrying a piece of history… wherever you go 

If you’ve noticed that the lady sitting next to you on the bus has a fantastic little  leather purse in her lap or if you’ve been distracted in line at the bank by the gorgeous African-print clutch that this woman is holding, you’ve probably been bitten by the même bete… bug – and it’s no import! These eye catching luxury accessories are made by a homegrown Lucian –  Mrs. Taribba Joan do Nascimento, founder of même bete… bags, and for now, Taribba is the head craftswoman.

While living in Ethiopia working in international development, Taribba became enamoured with the bright bold patterns of traditional African cloth.  Continue reading

Johann Deterville – Music in His Veins


Born to a mother who was an award-winning music teacher, Petronilla Deterville, and to a father, George Deterville, who fancied himself a singer; 24-year-old Johann Deterville has been raised by music.

“It’s part of my DNA you know. I’m sure if you did a test, you would get musical notes in there,” he said with a warm laugh.

He’s gone from being a wobbly 5-year-old piano player at The ‘St. Lucia School of Music’ to being a student at ‘The Centre for Arts and Technology’ in Halifax and the go-to keyboard player for St. Lucian star rapper, Kayo(featured in this issue).


Tell Dazzle Magazine about your upbringing. Continue reading

Interview with Michelle Serieux – Filmmaker Extraordinaire


Hard work and sheer determination surely pays off. For Michelle Serieux, seizing every opportunity handed to her has contributed greatly to her success. She was never afraid to try anything, even though it was new to her and sometimes strange. Michelle Bevlyn Lana Serieux is a 31-year-old accomplished filmmaker who hails from our beautiful and scenic island St. Lucia. She was born at Victoria Hospital in Castries and raised in the Upper Goodlands community of Morne Fortune, Castries. During her childhood she spent most of her vacation in Mon Repos. Michelle believes in continually enhancing her knowledge and skills, so she has spent a lot of time in school.  She first attended St Michael’s Pre School in Castries, then the Morne Du Don Government Combined School, followed by St Joseph’s Convent. From there she went on to Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, followed by one year of prep school at the University of Cienfuegos in Cuba, and then three years at the University of the West Indies and Edna Manley College in Jamaica where she did a BA in Media and Communications with minors in Cultural Studies and Drama. Subsequently she got an MA in Film and Cinema at Columbia University, New York and after that a Professional Producing Certificate at New York University’s School Of Continuing and Professional Studies.

Dazzle Magazine had the privilege of chatting with Michelle and learning more about her eventful journey.

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From Humble Beginnings to Stardom


Dazzle Magazine would like to share with you the journey of Kwency McKeever Kumalo Griffith, more commonly known as Pringles aka Superman HD. This outspoken, charismatic and jovial radio announcer/MC/artiste who has warmed his way into the hearts of many, is indisputably a hard and diligent worker. Pringles can only attribute his success to a desire to excel, to his courage and unwavering perseverance; initially a young boy who was not ‘born with a golden spoon’ but who paved his way to the top by simply never giving up and always searching for better. Dazzle shares with you the story of his evolution.


Dazzle: Where were you born?

Superman HD: I was born in Marchand, raised in the Bagatelle community. I lived there for most of my life, until I was about 25 years-old.

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Latoya Mitchell: a Rising Star in St Lucian Business

img_lmMotivation comes in many forms. For each individual there is at least one thing that can drive them to push forward and go after their dreams. In whatever form one’s motivation may come, one thing is for sure, once the journey has started there is no giving up halfway.

Latoya Mitchell, founder of the company Outsource St. Lucia Inc. has been pressing on, as she wants to leave behind a legacy for her children. The young and nascent entrepreneur has used her inspiration to form a company centered on meeting the needs of local companies. Dazzle Magazine introduces you to Latoya, whom, despite her quiet and modest demeanor, is very zealous and fervent about what she does.

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Teddyson John – A Born Musician

It is amazing when you meet someone with a gift who has remained humble, despite all of their successes and triumphs. What is rare is being gifted with the ability to bellow captivating notes as well as being an accomplished keyboardist and percussionist. Getting up on a stage and performing in front of hundreds, even thousands sounds scary, but for Teddyson John, it is simply what he loves to do. If we were present for the first moments after his birth, no doubt his cry must have been like hallowed angels singing. After interviewing him, Dazzle is under the impression that he is a born musician and we share more about the man behind the voice, the art and the creativity.

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Darcel Frederick – Dancing Princess Shines in The Lion King

Darcel Frederick

Dancing Princess Shines in The Lion King

Many little girls once had the dream of becoming a ballerina or a princess. For those who did not pursue this path but secretly still dance in front of the mirror, Darcel Frederick is living the dream for our inner little girl dancers. So who is Darcel Frederick and why is Dazzle Magazine writing about her? Well, we are elated to introduce you to this 30-year-old, who has charmed her way into the hearts of many with her poise, elegance and talent as a professional dancer.

Darcel was born on October 27th to Robert and June Frederick. June is a well-known cultural activist and daughter of the prominent Historian Winville King. In her early years, Darcel attended the Ave Maria Infant and Primary Schools and the St. Joseph’s Convent. She later attended the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College and then York University (Toronto, Canada). She has had the opportunity to perform at several national events, which she says “was always fun, and made her feel very proud.” Darcel’s extraordinary talent, hard work and perseverance have surely harboured success as she currently performs in the celebrated Broadway production, The Lion King in London. Continue reading

Jermile Daniel – Still Business Hungry As The Cell Turns 10

Most times, knowing what you want and going after it, plays a huge role in the life of an entrepreneur. While sometimes it is simply an opportunity, which you just can’t pass up but then again, some gold mines just fall into your hands at the right time. Despite the circumstance, one thing is certain; you must be self-motivated, relentless and in the words of Jermile Dwayne Daniel, “You have to be hungry!” At 35 years old, Jermile is the owner of the chain of stores that extends from Saint Lucia to the rest of the Eastern Caribbean. His journey to success began similar to that of the average person. He was born in Laborie, later moved to Castries where he attended the Anglican Infant and Primary Schools. He attended Saint Mary’s College then Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, a year later, the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus and lastly the “School of Life.” Dazzle Magazine is please to introduce you to the man behind The Cell Enterprise, Jermile Dwayne Daniel.

Dazzle: What was your initial career path? Continue reading

Headphunk – phunk your head a little bit


Like many of you, when I hear the name Headphunk, only one thing comes to mind. Someone had a great idea but had to censor it to appease some big-mouthed person out there. Okay, maybe not big-mouthed but you know how small-minded our society can be as it relates to certain things. Now that I have your attention, not that the word Headphunk alone did not grab it, let us focus on what Headphunk is and why we need to phunk your head a little bit.

Headphunk is a movement that promotes the development of creative arts in Saint Lucia. The movement was born out of the need to create a platform for poets and writers for them to showcase their work. The core component of Headphunk was mainly literary-based but has since grown to accommodate other elements of the arts, such as music, painting, photography, fashion, sculpting, film, animation and dance. The name Headphunk speaks for itself as a representation of how the masses feel during a revolution. Some of you may ‘get it’, while some of you will sit for days confused. Needless to say, Headphunk represents liberation of the mind – euphoria after a state of oppression.

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St. Lucia Youth Business Trust” Going Strong

Saint Lucia Youth Business Trust

This year, Global Entrepreneurship Week will be held November 12th – 18th, 2012. Dazzle takes a look back at the official launch of the St. Lucia Youth Business Trust (SLYBT).

The St. Lucia Youth Business Trust (SLYBT) was officially launched on November 15th, 2011, almost one year ago and continues to make strides.

The launch of the St. Lucia Youth Business Trust took place during the observance of Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) after three years of preparatory work. The Launching event was one of the highlights of the Global Entrepreneurship Week of activities hosted in Continue reading


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