Candy Nicholas Leading St. Lucia Back to Healthy Eating & Natural Living


By Dahna Jn. Charles

“Welcome to LifeStyles! I’m Candy!” This is the greeting Choice TV viewers can expect every day, like a burst of sunshine. 

Candy Nicholas has intrigued St. Lucians with her wealth of knowledge on nature’s goodness and various wellness practices in a bid to help them live healthy and wholesome lives. Naturally, (pun intended lol), Dazzle felt impelled to put her in the spotlight to give our readers a deeper appreciation for this young entrepreneur living life on her own terms. 

Born in the historic town of Soufriere to Mary Clement Nicholas and Aagee Simpson, Candy is grateful to the community that  nurtured her, and to her grandparents, aunts, uncles and older cousins, all of whom played a major role in moulding this poised and articulate young beauty. She attended the Soufriere Infant and Primary schools, and then moved on to the illustrious St. Joseph’s Convent to complete her secondary school education before moving on to Sir Arthur Lewis Community College.  Continue reading

JIMMY FRANCIS J’s Wrap Citi-Home of Low Calorie, Diet-Friendly Fast Food


By Gareth S Jules

In the last few years the majority of new businesses launchedinSaint Luciahavebeenfoodbusinesses. We St. Lucians love good food! It’s no wonder that everywhere you turn, there is a restaurant of some sort catering to the varied taste buds of many.

One of the key marketing strategies adopted in recent times has been to deviate from the norm of housing a restaurant in a building to investing in a food truck. After all, times are tough and many proprietors are looking for ways to cut costs, such as rent fees and operating overheads.

Most of these entities operate during hours when most restaurants are closed. Several of them started operating  at   the   entrance   of the Bonne Terre gap, catering to partygoers heading home from  late night fetes or from a night out at Rodney Bay.

Quite a few of them offer similar but tasty menus. However, one in particular sets itself apart by its creative cuisine and the proprietor’s focus on providing customers with a healthy option in fast food. That business is none other than J’s Wrap Citi.

Jimmy Francis, 43, is the proprietor of J’s Wrap Citi and the brains behind its unique fare. His food truck is located in the Bonne Terre gap in Gros- Islet. Jimmy hails from Aurendel Hill, Marchand. At the age of seven he moved to the south where he later attended the Vieux Fort Junior Secondary and Comprehensive Secondary Schools. Continue reading

HERMA DEMACQUE A Royal Voice Making Big Waves


By Angela St. Denis

Herma Demacque is one of St. Lucia’s most vibrant radio personalities. This 21-year old former National Carnival Queen contestant is inspired by  the

soulful music of India Arie and Nina Simone, and the daily struggles of the ordinary man on the street. Two years ago when she started off in radio, she quickly began making waves and gained the admiration of her fans. A former member of the St. Lucia Youth Parliament, she participated in youth parliamentary debates on two occasions. A confident and eloquent speaker, Herma has big dreams and her aspirations know no bounds. Dazzle Magazine sat with her to get the vibes on what her journey has been like and how she has been enjoying life on the airwaves.

How would you describe Herma Demacque? Continue reading

Leslie Collymore AIM-ing to take Digital Marketing to New Heights


by Gareth S.Jules

We live in an age where technology has pretty much been instilled in our DNA one way or another. Over the past decade we have seen a shift in the way companies present their products and services to consumers due to the widespread use of social media. Just look around St. Lucia, most companies are turning to social media and online marketing as a way of not only cutting down on their marketing budget but to reach a vast number of people in a short period.

Meet Leslie Collymore, 38. of The Morne, Castries. A former student of the Carmen Rene Memorial School and St. Mary’s College, Leslie received  his tertiary education at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College. He subsequently attended Midwestern State University in Texas, USA where he attained a BBA in Marketing. With years dedicated to honing his craft, he holds more than 17 professional certifications in Marketing, ICT, Leadership, and sports administration. Leslie is currently the managing director of Advanced Intellectual Methods (AIM), a fast-growing, innovative management consulting firm in St. Lucia. He’s also the president of the St. Lucia Basketball Federation and recently nominated to serve on the FIBA America Marketing Committee (International Basketball Governing body).

We sat with Leslie for an exclusive interview during which he spoke about the founding of AIM, his fascinating exploits in the dynamic and exciting world of web-based strategic marketing, and his love for basketball.

Dazzle: Tell us about AIM. Continue reading

Marvelon “Stixx” Mitchell Master Drummer & History-Maker


by Anthony Williams

It takes quite a lot to be a good drummer.Almost every day you’ve got to spend hours perfecting your drum beats and your coordination.

To be a great drummer, one whose talent is sought after by international music stars, you must be able to perform with a level of skill, style and sophistication that is way beyond the ordinary. That’s what Marvelon “Stixx” Mitchell discovered in his quest to become not just a professional drummer but one determined to distinguish himself from the pack wherever he performs, be it at home in St. Lucia or any other part of the world.

Stixx, 30, was  in  his  late  teens when he decided that he wanted to be a fulltime drummer. He has always had a  passionate  love for music. After graduating from secondary school, he worked briefly and then realised that the eight-to-four treadmill was not for him. He persuaded his mother {“Joan Mitchell-Anius”} to buy him a drum set and then taught himself to play them.

Subsequently he hooked up with the band DeN5 and they did local gigs at various shows around the island, and at some of the hotels.

Stixx was then contracted to play on cruise ships. Eventually, he moved to New York. While there, a music producer spotted a couple of his demos via social media and he was fascinated. The producer happened to be Llamar “Riff Raff” Brown, the keyboard player for none other than Stephen “Raggamuffin” Marley, six-time Grammy Award winner and son of reggae legend, Bob Marley. Continue reading

Coach on a Mission Peter Philogene taking Youth Football to the Highest Level


By Reginald Andrew

With all the added dimensions and applications being engineered into sports, the art of coaching and sports development have taken on a new twist in this modern era.

No longer can professional coaches be content to just get players going through the regular drills and exercise regime. Adopting strategic and scientific techniques is vital to enable them to transition into a fully fledged coaching career with the ability to nurture highly skilled players.

Peter Philogene is keen on helping to push for the overall development of   professional   and semi-professional players from a football league standpoint.

Coaching and sports development   now   require insightful delivery, excellent communication and mobilization skills and the ability to develop good rapport with young players and their parents or guardians.

Philogene has taken up the formidable task with his sights set on bolstering the holistic development of a breed of players with excellent physical fitness and an awareness of what is at stake for professional players who are committed to honing their skills. He is currently doing his utmost to elevate Reduit FC to a higher level in the game.

Philogene put Dazzle through the drills to give us an insight into what has become his mission.

Dazzle: Tell us how your sports business venture began? Continue reading

Heidi Child Care Visionary & Gutsy Entrepreneur


by Angela St. Denis

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all” Helen Keller

Heidi St. Clair, a Babonneau Secondary School alumni had her sights set on becoming a fashion designer  until  her  introduction to childcare. This experience commenced her daring adventure into the world of children through her business, St. Clair’s Sitting Service.

In an interview with Dazzle, the 26-year old talks about her love for the business and what keeps her going. In all things she holds God as a vital component of her life. She did not get it right initially but in her own words, steady does it.

Dazzle: Who is Heidi St. Claire?

Heidi: I was born in Gros Islet town and spent a number of years in Switzerland. I can remember some of the sights and smells from my time there but not the language. I undertook most of my primary schooling at Gros-Islet Primary, where I wrote the Common Entrance Exam. I did well and was placed at Babonneau Secondary, where I met my best friend, Nasha Joseph. Continue reading

Claudia Edward: The Diva – Multitalented, Soulful and Vivacious


At home and abroad her fans hail her as one of the Caribbean’s top vocalists and a mesmerising entertainer.

A consummate singer and songwriter, her speciality is R&B/alternative rock. Affectionately known as ‘The Diva,’ she was once rated as St. Lucia’s top female radio announcer.

Yet the truth is Claudia Edward is not only gifted and musical. She’s one of a special breed of multitalented St. Lucians with a deep sense of self, who view the world as their oyster – not just St. Lucia or even the Caribbean. This refusal to limit herself or to be contained has been her driving force since the age of 14 when she started out as a lead choir singer for her church. Later she began performing at local hotels as the lead vocalist for Magic Circle Express.

In 1998 after completing voice training classes in the USA, she featured on the Square One hit single Electricity alongside Alison Hinds. The song became a chartbuster in the English, Dutch and French Antilles. Claudia has since formed her own band, Naked Chords and has released several albums and music videos. She has performed at musical festivals and events locally and internationally, including the St. Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival and the Soul Fusion Concert at the London 2012 Olympics. She has wowed audiences in Barbados, Trinidad, Grenada, Costa Rica, Martinique, New York, Malaysia, Thailand and several other countries. She has also been contracted by the Hilton Hotel Group and the Conrad Hotel in Thailand where her talent is in high demand.

Claudia has collaborated with several internationally renowned musicians, including St. Lucians Ronald Boo Hinkson, Christopher Neil, T C Brown, Jamaican ‘Bad Gyal Cecile’, Michele Henderson of Dominica and the famed music producer, Jonathan Waller of the USA. In 2005 she toured Europe with Nobel Laureate, Derek Walcott as lead vocalist in his play ‘The Odyssey’, and also played the main female role is his play ‘Helen of Troy’. Continue reading

Shorne Benjamin – St. Lucia’s Master Chef: Cooking Caribbean Delights with New Age Flair


St. Lucia has always been known for its twin peaks, the Pitons and its two Nobel Laureates. A few years ago, the island would become famous for  one of its daughters who became a  runner-up  in one  of  the  world’s  top  reality  cooking  shows.

Never before has St. Lucia garnered so much attention as a result of the culinary skills of one of its nationals, namely Chef Nina Compton. She performed spectacularly before an International audience numbering in the millions. She was then succeeded by a son of the soil who would perform just as outstandingly.

Given the amazing successes of these two chefs, it’s no wonder that more talented young chefs are emerging and touching the lives of many.

Meet 36-year old Chef Shorne Benjamin, a St. Lucian master chef based in Brooklyn, New York. For the past seven years he has gained popularity for his ability to infuse Lucian cuisine with a modern flair.

Shorne Benjamin hails from Entrepot, Castries. A past student of the Marchand Combined and Leon Hess Comprehensive Secondary, he left St. Lucia in 1998 to study finance at Mercy College in New York. Subsequently, he landed a job as a stockbroker at the Bank of New York Mellon on Wall Street. When the tides got rough during the 2008-09 financial crisis, Chef Shorne had to reconsider his career path. He attended and graduated from the French Culinary Institute in New York. He currently resides at Andaz 5th Avenue and is the Executive Chef of his own catering company, ShorCulinaire. We sat down with Chef Shorne to discuss the spicy experiences that have flavoured his career path and taken him to where he is today.

Tell us about your origins and what led to to you becoming Chef Shorne. Continue reading

Terril Nicholas – Jewellery is Redefining Art


Earrings from pop tabs of canned drinks you say? I mean who would have thought of that? Necklaces and keychains made from spoons? Well I’ll be! Might shock you and I but for the creator/artist/designer of Illuminating Designs, it’s simply all in a day’s work. And work she takes great pride in.

Terril Nicholas developed a passion for creating jewellery from as far back as her secondary school days and despite every other career opportunity she has had, fashion jewellery making is the one that has clutched her heartstrings to this day. 

Terril’s jewellery crafting started out with creating bracelets from rope and beads, which quickly became popular, encouraging her to challenge herself to make more interesting pieces from rather unusual materials. Some of her pieces are created from upcycling, which is the process of using discarded or old materials to create something useful and beautiful. The materials include, pop tabs of canned drinks and used plastic bottles, in addition to all-new and imported materials such as enamelled copper, beads and trinkets, and her signature element, stainless steel spoons. Yes, spoons! 

Of course, Team Dazzle was totally intrigued by the works of this artiste and could not resist finding out more about what’s behind this creative company, Illuminating Designs. Wait ‘til you read about some of the crazy requests she has received. Dig in Dazzlers! Continue reading

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