Just 4 Fun Breakfast Fete 2017

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Legends presents MESS 2017

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U4RIA 2017

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Just 4 Fun Cooler Fete 2017

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Soleil Roots & Soul 2017

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Reenergizing the Local Party Experience

Since its emergence on the local entertainment scene, Blueprint Weekend looks set to become one of St. Lucia’s most anticipated party events. Patterned after the popular  Dream

Weekend event in Jamaica, Blueprint Weekend is basically a weekend getaway consisting of three days of back-to-back party events and shows featuring popular genres of music and performances by local artistes, plus lots to eat and drink.

The inaugural Blueprint Weekend was held this year from April 28 – 30 (Friday to Sunday). It kicked off with the Ultimate All-White GLOW Party at ZEN on the Friday. The following day the patrons moved on to Sundance at Pigeon Point to continue the fun, and the next day (Sunday) they rounded it off with the Pump at Pigeon Island, a first-of-its-kind event featuring floats.

Dazzle caught up with Katama Elibox, the Managing Director of Blueprint Entertainment, and she was happy to chat about the inspiration behind the event and what the experience was like for her patrons.

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Fuzion Mas – a Glorious Blend of Carnival, History and Culture

Judging by the buzz on social media, the local carnival band, Fuzion Mas is generating lots of interest among revelers. And despite being ‘the new kid on the block’, many are convinced that they are the band to watch this year.

The band is portraying ‘GREATNESS IN THE SANDS’ – a theme that is sure to strike a chord in the hearts of St. Lucians who are proud of their African roots. It aims to resurrect the glory of Ancient Egypt by telling the stories of one of the world’s first and greatest civillisations . Continue reading

Heineken presents Heineken Light: The journey starts here

Heineken is well known for its association with St. Lucia’s renowned music festival; St. Lucia Jazz. Throughout the past decades,

Heineken has supported several cultural initiatives in St Lucia, and 2017 is no different! Heineken was a proud Gold Sponsor of the St. Lucia Jazz Festival, the first of many exciting events for SOLEIL Saint Lucia Summer Festival 2017.

Heineken has surprised its consumers by presenting Heineken Light – a new, refreshing, low calorie and low bitterness option. Heineken Light has less than 65 Calories per serving in each 25cl bottle. Heineken Light was judged “the best tasting low calorie light lager” at the 2013/2014 World Beer Championships, and it has been winning the hearts and minds of its patrons ever since. Continue reading

White Nights in Saint Lucia 2017

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Rum Bucket 2017

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