All About the Google Drive


Google Drive is Google’s answer to Dropbox – a file storage system linked to a Google account. Originally named Google Docs, which was established in February 2007, Google Drive is a Free online office suite which gives users the ability to view, edit and create documents online. By using the Google Drive service, spreadsheets, Word documents, and presentations can be uploaded to Google’s web interface where files can be shared and accessed by multiple users simultaneously. This service makes the information readily accessible over the World Wide Web in real time.  Continue reading

Manage Your Finances…Properly


Everything in life comes with a price. Not everybody is fortunate to have money to spend lavishly on needs as well as wants. Managing your finances is essential for survival in today’s rough economic times, particularly that of Saint Lucia. The introduction of VAT in October 2012 caused many residents to rethink the way they spend. Inflation is extreme and many persons (as small as their salaries might be) saw the value of the dollar decrease. With the probability of an increase in salaries less than imminent, you have to re-strategise on what and how money is spent. This article seeks to give some ideas on how to manage your finances properly. Continue reading

Saint Lucia Youth Business Trust – How We Can Help Your Business


The Saint Lucia Youth Business Trust (SLYBT) continues to move forward in creating opportunities for young entrepreneurs (18-35 years) to realise their dreams of business ownership. The programme has gained support from partnerships both in voluntary and business sector capacities which include: First Caribbean International Bank (FCIB) Foundation, Caribbean Development Bank, CGYBT, Construction and Industrial Equipment Ltd (CIE), Accela Marketing, Bank of Nova Scotia, St. Lucia Distillers Ltd, Bay Gardens Hotel, OGM Communications Ltd, Bank of Saint Lucia (BOSL), Calabash TV, Landmark Events; all of these are strategic in representing the wide range of industries present in Saint Lucia. Continue reading

Are you LinkedIn?


Many of us may have received LinkedIn invitations from close friends and family urging us to join the social media network, but are unaware of the website’s capabilities. We probably perceive of it as just another of those online fads. Well it’s not.

Launched in May 2003, LinkedIn currently ranks third in the world’s most popular social network sites. It is the most popular website where professionals can build their business network. Unlike the other social media websites which don’t have much depth, or may be all over the place, LinkedIn targets a specific demographic (professionals). When it comes to business, LinkedIn is the most important social media website to connect businesspeople and professionals.

Each professional profile is broken down into various categories such as Experience, Skills & Expertise, Education, Additional Info and Honours & Awards. Once accurate information has been entered in the respective fields, your profile can become the perfect marketing tool to showcase your professional ability.

Employers and job seekers can take advantage of LinkedIn’s network to scout for new employees. You can also create job postings on the website. Many LinkedIn users have found job opportunities through the social media giant.

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St. Lucia Youth Business Trust Celebrates One Year


The St. Lucia Youth Business Trust (SLYBT) celebrated its first Anniversary on Thursday November 15th 2012, at the Auberge Seraphine Hotel.  During the initial year, the Trust has provided young entrepreneurs with business plan assistance, training, mentorship support, networking opportunities while building partnerships with several organizations and institution locally and regionally including non-traditional partners like the Bordelaise Correctional Facility.

A commemorative ceremony to celebrate the first anniversary of operations took place where two beneficiaries of the Trust provided testimonials. Mrs. Malica St. Rose and Mr. Rankin Morgan spoke to the assistance she received from the SLYBT.  Mrs. St. Rose lauded “SLYBT’s efforts pointing specifically to the assignment of mentors who were able to guide and help her formulate a business plan which is helping to create future financial security and stability for her business, KD’s Frootz”.

Mr. Rankin Morgan noted “I am a product of the Saint Lucia Youth Business Trust” and testified that the Trust lived up to his expectations, especially with the provision of mentorship support which he described as the Trusts’ distinguishing characteristic and ingredient. Mr. Morgan has since publish the first issue of his magazine, “Dazzle Magazine” geared towards showcasing young St. Lucian entrepreneurs and professionals who are creating opportunities for themselves and others.  Mr. Morgan further went on to encourage young entrepreneurs to “take advantage of the SLYBT programs” and also encouraged the wider businesses community especially members of the Saint Lucia Chamber of Commerce to support the Saint Youth Business Trust on its quest to improve the environment for local young entrepreneurs.”

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Using Email Marketing Campaigns in your business

In today’s world, email marketing is one of the most economical and effective ways to market your business. It is not difficult to use and can assist to improve your business’s customer service as by means of communicating with existing customers. This communication builds relationships between the business and its customers. Customers can be informed on any weekly or monthly specials that your business may have making the campaign interesting and relevant to their needs.
A good email campaigns can direct potential and existing customers to your website. This increases the business’s web traffic which can encourage individuals to purchase goods/services, direct them to your store/office or make contact via email/telephone call.

Here are some tips in running a successful email campaign:

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Criticising Intelligently in the Work Place

In the business world the characteristics necessary for growth and promotion within an organisation don’t only bear on an individual’s professional abilities but also rely heavily on social interaction. Growing up in a society where education and higher learning was stressed upon significantly, led many to believe that in order to live a comfortable life, the attainment of higher education was the order of the day. Education and relevant experience are definite precursors to the successful attainment of gainful employment. The aforementioned, however, without concern for social interaction and emotional intelligence may be detrimental to one’s advancement within an organisation or becoming a successful leader.



Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify, assess, and manage the emotions of oneself, of others, and of groups. The steps to understanding emotions involve accurately assessing the emotions then using them to promote thinking and development. This requires understanding non-verbal communication, such as body language and facial expressions.


Emotions help prioritise what we pay attention and react to but the emotions that we perceive from others can carry a wide variety of meanings. When someone is expressing an emotion, like anger, the observer must consider the cause. For example, if your boss is acting angrily, it could be because he or she got a parking ticket right before your meeting or that your boss has been arguing with their spouse. The anger may not necessarily be a reaction to their dissatisfaction with your work, even though your boss expresses anger when interacting with you.

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St. Lucian Entrepreneurs Shine at Caribbean Youth Conference in St. Vincent

The St. Lucia Youth Business Trust (SLYBT) on its continued drive to develop youth entrepreneurship, granted two aspiring young entrepreneurs the opportunity to showcase their talent at the 5th Annual Caribbean Youth Entrepreneurship Conference held in St. Vincent & the Grenadines, from September 12th to 15th 2012. The St. Vincent & the Grenadines Youth Business Trust, in collaboration with the Caribbean Centre of Excellence for Youth Entrepreneurship hosted a successful conference under the theme: “Youth Entrepreneurship Continue reading

Start a Business Today!

Starting your own business

You know the basics of profit and loss. You are business-savvy. Every time you see a new business venture come on stream, you wonder why it wasn’t you. You’ve now decided, “I am starting my own business!” If you are thinking how to get it off the ground, this article may just be the final push to get your business-a-buzzing! This article serves as a guide to help you start a business of your own – your piece of the pie! Here’s how:

Do background checks
Conducting market research is essential. You need to have a handle on what is happening in the field of which you choose to be a part. This can be as simple as asking friends what they like and dislike about similar already established businesses. If you are still unsure on what business to go into, this is equally useful in your decision. In conducting this research, you must familiarise yourself with your competition. Take note of both the positive and negative aspects. Their downfalls will tell you what not to do and their strengths will tell you what to do, only better. You will then be able to analyse your strengths and weaknesses and apply in a similar fashion. This information is what you need to create a business plan.

Before you do anything else, write a business plan Continue reading

Using Facebook to Market Your Business

Presently, facebook is the most popular social media network with over half a billion users logged on daily! This social media – which is free – makes for an effective marketing tool for your business.

In Saint Lucia, the population is approximately 176,000, 57,080 of which are facebook users. This means it is possible for a business organisation to reach at least 30% of the population through the social media giant. Therefore companies can advertise products and services and post information, through this medium for greater exposure.

A company’s facebook page can achieve its marketing goals by making regular postings such as relevant status updates and picture and video uploads. These should be interesting as those are the ones that are more likely to be shared, commented on or ‘Liked’ which increases the page’s reach. This can help acquire more fans who are potential customers for the business.

Here are 10 reasons why facebook is important to your business: Continue reading


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