Ginger: a Wonder Healer


Ginger is a perennial root plant recognised by its thick and long twisting stem.  The ginger plant is known to have originated in South Asia, including India and China.  It was introduced to Western Europe, including England, France and Spain, around the 11th century. By the early 15th century it was being exported to the Caribbean colonies and West Africa, principally by Portuguese and Spanish explorers and traders. Ginger is now grown in tropical countries around the world.

Over the years, ginger has long been recognised for its aromatic, culinary and medicinal properties. It has also become famous for its spicy aroma because of its composition of natural essential oils.  Ginger contains anti-viral, anti-toxic and anti-fungal properties.  It acts as an antihistamine. Continue reading

Buying or Building Your Home: a step-by-step guide


The advent of the Construction Stimulus Package has resulted in increased opportunities for potential homeowners looking to buy or build a house, and for existing homeowners seeking to extend their house or purchase another one.  One of the most important decisions that you will have to make in your life is whether to buy or build a home.

The process of buying or building a home involves several stages.  When building, one must first find the plot of land that fits within one’s budget and that can accommodate the house you want to build.  Usually this involves a real estate agent and a lawyer.  Your agent will help you find the plot of land which suits your needs. Your lawyer will ensure that the land is conveyed (sold) to you properly and all the requisite fees are paid to the government. Continue reading

11 Ways to Make Your Staff and Customers Feel Valued at Christmas!


It’s the festive time of year when everyone seems to be in good spirits (no pun intended).  You have had a good year, made new clients and built some healthy business relationships. This is the time of year that seems appropriate to say thank you.  Thank you to your customers/clients and to your hard working staff.  Here are two thank you tips:  Continue reading

LUCELEC Goes All Out for Sports


St Lucia Electricity Services Limited (LUCELEC) was recognized at the 2013 National Sports Awards for its “valuable contribution towards the development of sports.”

It was not the first time, and came on the heels of a year (2012) when LUCELEC gave over $100,000 to various sporting groups and institutions. Corporate Communications Manager Mr Roger Joseph says the company believes it shares the responsibility to provide opportunities for young people to explore their talents in all spheres and to have avenues to excel, not just now but in the future. Continue reading

FIFA World Cup Trophy comes to Saint Lucia


As part of the lead up to the 2014 World Cup being held in Brazil, the FIFA World Cup Trophy will be displayed in 88 of the 208 FIFA member states as part of the Coca Cola FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour.  To commemorate the viewing of the trophy in Saint Lucia an event will be held at the Beausejour Cricket Grounds (BCG) on Monday October 21st,  2013.  This event will include an exhibition football match featuring Saint Lucia’s most talented football players followed by a live show featuring headline act Teddyson John and his band.  Du Boulay’s Bottling, FIFA, Coca-Cola International and the Saint Lucia Football Association would like to invite football enthusiasts and people of all ages to witness this historic and once in a lifetime occurrence.  Tickets will be available at all Super J outlets islandwide and at Caribbean Cinemas at Choc until promotion last.  Further information will be circulated via newspaper, radio and television so keep your eyes and ears open.

SEE YOU ALL AT THE BCG on October 21st

Romance at the Office: Good or Bad?


Given the amount of time we spend at work, it’s only natural that some of us would consider the office as an ideal place to look for romance. What’s more, businesses are increasingly demanding longer work hours, and this means there’s less free time for employees – and for dating outside of the job.

Also, people working together usually have common goals and interests, even though much of it is work related. They also tend to have a pretty good idea what are each other’s likes and dislikes. And given that more women are in the workplace than ever, that’s a big plus for the guys! Continue reading

RJB Introduces New Hornsby Hard Crisp Cider


RJB HOTEL SUPPLIES is very proud to be the exclusive agent in St.Lucia for Hornsby’s Hard Ciders. RJB has been supplying the product here for the past two years, and we have found that very quickly, Hornsby’s has become very popular with those looking for an alternative to their traditional brews.

Indeed, we at RJB are very excited to be able to offer local consumers such a welcome change from their usual choices of alcoholic beverages.

So well received has been the reception to the Hornsby Hard Ciders in St.Lucia that it is with great pleasure that I can formally announce the launch of our new rebranded range of Hornsby Hard Ciders. Continue reading

Live the Jazz with “Vive Le Jazz”


You cannot help but reminisce on past vacations or the events that you attended – with wonderful thoughts, photography or memorabilia! Every time you sip coffee from that exotic mug you purchased while in the land of steel pan, you are taken right back to Trinidad Carnival, and that expensive watch you lost while gyrating to the sounds of soca on Fantastic Friday. Anyway, back to reality and you are now arriving at an office downtown for a meeting. As you enter the office – there on the managing director’s desk is the statue of the “peeing boy” next to the metal Eiffel  tower – someone here has visited Brussels and Paris, you think, whilst fiddling with the cheap key chain your frugal but favourite cousin bought you on his recent trip to London. Continue reading

How to Wear Fishnet Stockings at the Office and Still Look Professional


You’ve seen them I’m sure; young ladies on their way to work in their miniskirts and fishnets with open-toe rubber flats. This type of attire makes one look unprofessional.  St. Lucians have created a reputation for themselves of being a people who adopt styles and  attempt to modify them as best as they can to express some sense of individuality and uniqueness.  This, at times, is done to a fault, as is the case with young women wearing fishnets to the office.  Don’t misunderstand me, we get it! You’re tired of the same ol’ nylons.  Fishnets are not banned from the office, but they have to be done right. Continue reading

How to improve your Career Prospects in a Tough Economy


In St. Lucia, it’s the norm for everyone to obtain a secondary education, gain their CXCs and then enter the working world. It is also customary after writing CXC exams for one to attend the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College. SALCC is seen as the foundation for advancing one’s education. It’s the stepping stone for an individual to truly “further their education” which in layman’s terms means obtaining a Bachelor’s degree, then a Masters, and even going all the way to a PhD. However, some individuals may only settle for a certificate or a diploma, depending on their financial capabilities. But why is it so important in today’s society to further your education? Let us explore some of the reasons.

In an increasingly globalised and competitive world, it is important to further one’s education to gain a good understanding of the complex world we live in, and to appreciate varied cultures and ideas. It is also important to raise the standards of your skills in your chosen field, or in a variety of fields, particularly if you want to make yourself competitive in the global labour market and handle the overwhelming technological innovations in today’s world.

Continue reading

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